Every month, thousands of traders show up for my LIVE webinars.

During these webinars, I always do a couple poll questions. And one question I often ask is:

 What is the #1 reason you are joining us today?

Over 86% of our readers stated they wanted to “become a better trader” or “learn a new trading strategy.”

Do you want to become a better trader? That's what my Options Boot Camp is for.

My goal is to help YOU become a better trader. And I do this in a variety of ways including in-depth articles, videos and our crowd-favorite educational webinars. But we’ve always wanted to do something a little more in-depth… with a boot camp training.

It’s time to dedicate a few solid weeks to taking that deep dive into some of the best options strategies the investment world has to offer. The same strategies that options professional use.

Inside this LIVE Options Boot Camp, we plan to cover a variety of options strategies and my high-probability approach.

Specifically, we'll teach you the following strategies:

  • Selling puts
  • Covered calls
  • Poor man’s covered calls
  • Bear call spreads
  • Bull put spreads
  • Weekly options
  • Iron condors.

You'll discover the basics of the strategy and my approach. Plus, I plan to reveal some real-time trades as my examples. Examples, that we plan to follow up with and discuss in the boot-camp live training session.

Hopefully, by the end of our version of a boot camp, you will have the tools necessary to trade options successfully over the long-term.