Andy started his investing career at Oppenheimer & Co. on Wall Street, where he learned the mechanics and techniques used by professional options traders to consistently earn profits. Today, he teaches a variety of options strategies to active investors who want to earn a piece of the vast amount of wealth being created in the financial markets

Andy is a numbers guy… a quant. Earnings, valuations, CNBC interviews, and the Fed has no influence on his trading. Even when news and events send the market up or down, Andy insists on patiently waiting until the probabilities look good.

In other words, he trades outside of the herd, not with or against them. He waits for opportunities to come to him and if his mean-reversion indicator and probability of success are there, he takes it. He realizes that the market is not some efficient, unbeatable machine – but rather a dynamic mix of emotion-driven participants who under extreme circumstances tend to act in very predictable ways.

Andy understands that markets go up – but they also go down and sideways, and there’s money to be made no matter which way the market moves, especially over the short to intermediate-term.

Using the same strategies of Wall Street traders, Andy aims to make money in any type of mark

In his Options Advantage service, Andy shows investors how to create a steady stream of income, hedge positions and portfolios and consistently grow your overall portfolio using a variety of high-probability options strategies.  Since the service over six years ago, Andy has managed to have a win ratio over 86% over a total of the five different portfolios that currently reside in the Options Advantage portfolios.